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Insurance Goes to focus on risks and preventive measures

Economic integration and socio-economic development, accelerating the need to break with tradition by regional financial industry fragmented and decentralized management business model, relying on the rapid development of information technology, technical innovation and focus on building centralized data processing environment is the trend.

"Reform of the State Council on the Development of the insurance industry views" clear that the establishment of a wide range of services, adequate solvency, comprehensive competitive power, development speed, quality and efficiency of the unity of the modern insurance industry. Whether to expand service areas, monitoring solvency, we need a strong business processing systems and vast amounts of data to support you. With large, accurate and timely data to develop products that meet market needs in order to enhance the intrinsic value of our products to ensure that the pace of development of business in order to constantly improve the company's core competencies in order to constantly improve company benefits. Large centralized data management is undoubtedly strong, the development of modern insurance industry has a positive role in promoting the development of modern insurance industry is the inevitable choice.

Since the Sixteenth Congress, China's insurance industry has maintained rapid development, overall competitiveness has been greatly improved, compared with developed insurance markets, the gap remains significant. With the full opening up the insurance industry, our insurance company faces enormous challenges and competitive pressures, how to quickly improve their core competitiveness, as each insurance company priority. Large concentration can effectively improve the company's governance bodies and management efficiency, improve the company's 鍒涙柊 capacity and efficiency, streamline the company's business processes, improve the company's service quality, improve the company's core competitiveness and ensure the company can freely Yingdui increasingly intense international competition.

Market players increases, the various insurance agencies, branches growing, if we continue to build the system in accordance with the decentralized model, the required technical personnel and equipment will be more and more the same time, investment in information technology spread, will inevitably result in equipment Gengxin slow, low utilization, spare parts difficult to reserves, the cost of system maintenance or upgrades will be increased significantly. Large centralized model to solve the decentralized model defects, data, technology, personnel, the three concentrations, help to improve the overall information technology insurance company level, particularly in disaster recovery capabilities and improve the system to ensure rational use of system resources are irreplaceable superiority.

Insurance Goes to focus on the main risk

As the insurance industry information technology investment continued to increase continuously promote construction of a large concentration of information technology has become the measure of the insurance enterprise's core competitiveness of an important symbol, for the insurance industry plays an important role. However, the major focus is also faced with significant potential risk, the higher the concentration, the more concentrated risk.

Large centralized systems are at greater risk

Centralized, insurance companies and even entire insurance group to achieve a centralized management system, the system risk is concentrated on one point. System itself consists mainly of planning and design risks, system-building technical risk, the risk of communication lines, the system safety risk, the risk of more attacks and the invasion of these risks in large centralized mode, the losses brought about far more than the scattered mode losses. Once systemic risk, the company will be paralyzed. Not only harm the interests of consumers, the company's image will suffer serious damage.

Large centralized management of risks facing the greater

Centralization 鍚? corporate data is more centralized, Ji Tong administrator Quanxian further strengthened, Guan Li officers of ethical standards and sense of responsibility right system has not ignore the impact of Anquan, need to improve the system, such as Lai Kaohe index system constraints and compliance personnel Xing Wei to promote management with a high sense of responsibility to protect the smooth operation of system security. As the business process remodeling and expanding the system functionality, the growing complexity of information center management, management, planning and construction of the system become very important, the adequacy of management systems, implementation is in place, the impact on the system running more and more apparent. In the traditional "heavy business, light management" information to the Construction, the company's information management originally very weak. Centralized, decentralized model adapted to the management of personnel and management systems, can not meet the needs of modern information management, risk management further increased.

Large concentration of investment are at greater risk

In order to enhance the company's core competitiveness, and increase the level of corporate information, many companies invested heavily to promote the construction of a large concentration. But the major focus of the building process is a complex, high technology, take a huge investment process, as at present, many companies have realized the physical sense, data on the large concentrated, from the application of the large concentration of well large gap between the operations center in order to complete the construction, technology companies need to set up stronger technical team, also need to keep putting in a lot of information technology capital, as little as several hundred million dollars, and several billion. If the event of a decision-making mistakes, there will be a huge investment can not achieve the desired results, the company has brought huge economic losses.

Large concentration of risk prevention measures

Data and focus on the business development constraints due to the conflict spread, so that the company management more effective, more competitive core. The company brought in a new space for development, but also created new problems, the risk of the spread into a concentrated destructive power has increased exponentially. To this end, we should actively explore the system of risk prevention and control strategies and measures to ensure the success of the system construction, system security and stability operation.

Scientific planning a large concentration of construction projects

Large concentration of complex project structure, invest high investment risk, there is no scientific, unified planning, the system is difficult to achieve good building construction results, and may even lead to project abortion. Therefore, a large concentration of projects in the planning, to the size of the company's business, business development speed, data size and frequency of such transactions were more accurate estimate of the feasibility of the project, construction goals, the construction and building costs were fully argument, and formed the basis of the system processing capability, communications capability, and defensive ability to quantify the number of such indicators and the scientific basis for project planning and design to ensure the design of scientific and feasible.

In accordance with high standards to strengthen the system infrastructure

Centralized system for large companies to run without interruption very high demand, the construction of the system should be in accordance with the high reliability, high redundancy and high scalability and other infrastructure required to enhance the system to ensure system reliability, redundancy more than enough scalability. That the whole system, including: hardware, software and communications system backup mechanism should be adopted to ensure that the system failure, can quickly return to normal operation; should establish off-site data backup systems, disaster recovery center, ensuring that the data lost or suffered physical damage can be rapid recovery; should actively explore and establish a system for distributed data backup mechanism, to prevent the information center and backup center while being attacked, to ensure the system can be effectively and timely recovery.

Building management system to enhance system operation

Centralization is complete, the system increasingly large, increasingly complex functions, how to ensure the orderly operation of the system, the management must pay attention. In practice, decentralized, non-uniform system is running hard to meet the needs of the development of modern insurance information. Big insurance companies should focus on projects as an opportunity to carefully sort out the business process, the background service management processes and rules and regulations, integrated operating resources, to establish a unified and standardized system operation management mechanism. According to various corporate systems running the actual situation, set a different, streamlined operation and management level, security system between China and Taiwan before and after the corresponding request in a timely manner. In the perfect system construction, the system continued to increase enforcement, strict accountability, the operation of the illegal operations personnel to increase penalties, increase awareness of operating personnel Compliance mourning, severely dealt a serious investigation of repeated violation of repeated institutions and personnel. Gradual implementation of information management, reduce manual intervention, to promote more standardized management system more secure and orderly operation.

Strengthen the safety monitoring system

Information systems always run a large number of variables in the environment, in order to understand the system running in time to avoid large-scale run accident, the need to strengthen system security monitoring system. Establish and improve safety monitoring system, specify the security monitoring positions, staff responsibilities, regulate safety monitoring work flow and work discipline. At the same time, enhance the quality of personnel training, security surveillance, monitoring personnel to strengthen the sense of responsibility, sense of crisis and emergency response capacity to improve staff safety monitoring and treatment failure capacity. Strengthen the safety monitoring systems, the security monitoring personnel only in a timely and accurate understanding of the whole system operating state, before a fault occurs to take effective measures to solve. Safety Monitoring System and security and defense systems, interaction between recovery system for monitoring personnel to find failure to take timely measures to prevent the problem from a variety of magnification. Efficient security monitoring system is to improve the system to prevent risks to ensure the smooth running of the strong support system.

Enhance the quality of personnel training

Generally go through the initial information, spread, control, integration, data management and maturity that several stages of development. Many companies at this stage the major focus is only technically, physically large concentration of control is still in the stage from the stage to the integrated development, information technology is still a long way to go. High-quality people not only can improve the quality and overall system efficiency, can further promote the development of information technology to high-end. Large centralized model in structure, management, technical with the decentralized model has a fundamentally different, the original model to adapt distributed hierarchical level system management and operating personnel can not adapt to large centralized mode of management and technical support . Enhance the quality of personnel training and improve the overall quality of personnel training to support the new technical system strong talent to become the top priority.


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