Friday, October 15, 2010

Correctly understand the IPD of the "structured process"

With, IPD (integrated product development) system in more and more enterprises in the adoption and implementation of a correct understanding of the IPD is particularly important, especially in the correct understanding of its core ideology. "Structured parallel development process" as one of IPD's core idea, often one-sided understanding of the document, standardization or process-based. This article hopes on the "structure" of the reader for further elaboration on the IPD's "structured process of" thinking with a more detailed understanding.

Structured ideas came from the PACE (IPD one of the sources). The so-called structured, the work is interrelated and have a frame structure, and there should be some organizing principle to support it; each work should be clearly defined out. All persons concerned with product development, their participation should be clear what work, how are we going to complete.

In some companies, the product development process is no structure, most of the work has not come out clearly defined; there is no consistency in the terminology that each project team's work individually to determine their own definition, not a shared framework product development process is difficult to be improved.

Development activities in the IPD system is based on a hierarchical structure to architecture, from the stage to the event, to the sub-activities. IPD system in principle and a balance between innovation, structural and therefore will not hinder creativity, which allows the project team to focus on product development as a practical matter, they do not need to re-establish the development process time. Once the developers understand the structure of the development process can actually remove them from complex, monotonous tasks liberated, they will accept and can spend more time on creative value-added work.

If the lack of structured processes, then the approach of each product development will be different, will result in two situations: First, there is no experience can refer to, not to be role models, so when the project grew and grew, the development cycle time is getting longer. Second, when a person out to improve methods or tricks, there is no way to standardize and apply it to other projects, it is difficult to measure and to improve the process.

In the definition of structured product development time, usually company to have two extreme tendencies.

One extreme there is no structured process definition, product development will be out of control. Everyone is busy, but no one has time to really think, and the project team members do not understand they are responsible for a small part of what the project which linked up with the project as a whole. Typically, a document of little things, top management must take his time was spent with the project "Fire" at work.

At the other extreme, over-structured as follows: each person's computer are stored in a large number of development documents and logs, developers act to follow established development process. However, the process is too burdensome paper but become bureaucratic management and approval, product development is slow. Many of these companies in the definition of the details of the product development process has done a very painstaking work, but because of over-structured, affected the normal product development efficiency and processes.

In order to avoid falling into some kind of extreme, we must correctly understand the intention of structured and flow structure in the product design process, on the one hand need to be considered repeatable and measurable requirements and the need for new ideas and new methods of flexible and open, the correct classification and definition of the structural level, in order to strike a balance. IPD system structure through the provision of appropriate levels to achieve the above-mentioned definition of balance, so that the development process has been applied, and to better assess and continuously improve.

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